Site Management Safety Training Scheme

This five-day Site management safety training scheme course is designed for site managers, agents and persons who are, or are about to be, responsible for planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff within a construction environment. This course is nationally recognised and funding is available for business owners.

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£475.00 plus VAT


The SMSTS (3 week block release) courses are split down as follows

(APR) Wk 1– 5th & 6th Apr. Wk 2– 12th & 13th Apr. Wk 3– 19th Apr
(MAY) Wk 1– 3rd & 4th May. Wk 2– 10th & 11th May. Wk 3– 17th May
(JUN) Wk 1– 7th & 8th Jun. Wk 2– 14th & 15th Jun. Wk 3– 21st Jun
(JUL) Wk 1– 5th & 6th Jul. Wk 2– 12th & 13th Jul. Wk 3– 19th Jul
(AUG) Wk 1– 2nd & 3rd Aug. Wk 2– 9th & 10th Aug. Wk 3– 16th Aug
(SEP) Wk 1– 6th & 7th Sep. Wk 2– 13th & 14th Sep. Wk 3– 20th Sep
(OCT) Wk 1– 4th & 5th Oct. Wk 2– 11th & 12th Oct. Wk 3– 18th Oct
(NOV) Wk 1– 1st & 2nd Nov. Wk 2– 8th & 9th Nov. Wk 3– 15th Nov
(DEC) Wk1– 6th & 7th Dec. Wk 2– 13th & 14th Dec. Wk 3– 20th Dec